“I received my Virgo StarSign Scent and I AM OBSESSED! Love it! Thank you soooooo much!”

- Nicole Mitrov

“Thank you so much, great live session, So good in fact I jumped on your website and ordered a perfume each for me and my daughter!”


“I really wanna share it with my friends as the smell is just divine!”

-Pamela Wallace

“First Time I tried the StarSign Scents and I wish I had found the product sooner.!


“Love my SSS, on my second bottle, and bought for my fellow Aries sister this month...she loves it!”

-Carmen Braidwood

“I wanted to flick you a message to tell you how beautiful they are! They Smell divine! It's the first time I bought perfume without smelling it first. I am so happy I did.”


“I got my SSS for my birthday. I absolutely love it ! It reminded me of one of my favourite smells as a kid. It's amazing, thank you!”


“Love it so much!!! And I usually don't like many fragrances!! Lots of them I feel are too floral. This is stunning!!! So grateful! Thank you.”


“My new favourite perfume. It smells so earthy & sexy. I looove it!”


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-Veronica John

“I gave my sister her Sagittarius perfume. She said she could smell the musk, We will order more. Very happy on how quickly the order came.”

-Veronica John

“I brought the Sagittarius for my daughter to get her to switch to natural. Now every morning she leaves for work I look forward to the lingering fragrance”

-Perth Wellness

I love using my ‘cancer StarSign Scent’ at night specifically with its natural oils. I find it has the perfect calming effect after a hot shower before bed! Beautiful smell, high recommended”

-Amanda Micalef MAFS

Hey thanks so much for my beautiful Sagi sent 🥰 it makes me feel so calm and relaxed anytime I wear it. Once again thanks so very very much xxx”

-Vanessa Romito MAFS

I received your beautiful package of my sagittarius perfume!  It smells absolutely amazing and I am so excited to share it with my followers 💛💛”

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THANK YOU sincerely Sasha, for creating a product and abrand that empowers women on both a personal and global scale,”

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So come on Reach for the Stars....Reach for you Star Sign Scent today”

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So Loving them They are beautiful and so unique Thank you! You’re amazing”

-Bet Aquarius 

. I loved my Gemini at first spray. It's evoked with delicious playful cotton candy musk, lavender, and geranium.

-Barbara Poulian

My Star Sign Scents are more than just a fragrance to me. They allow me to honour myself physically, mentally and emotionally.”

-Jessica van Berlo