About Us

StarSign Scents was born from a great adversity…

Synthetic perfumes gave me chronic fatigue…I was being poisoned by perfume!

As a 21 year old, I was working in the fragrance industry, spraying and selling fragrance for well-known global fragrance brands we all know and love, but did you know how carcinogenic and cancer causing they can be? They are made from petroleum and formaldehydes. They literally are pure poison, up to 200 poisons per bottle, causing brain tumours, cancer and infertility.

I became very ill with chronic fatigue symptoms that knocked me off my feet by lunchtime daily landing me in bed unable to function, at such a tender age as a fit and otherwise healthy young woman. I did not know what was causing this illness and never suspected it was from a perfumes!

After many tests, with doctor’s being ‘none the wiser’ it was the naturopaths that found a chemical build up in my body. I was full of toxins and it was caused by the chemicals in the fragrances I was spraying and promoting to the general public, unbeknownst to me of the actual harmful effects it was having on me at the time and others commenting on headaches from all the toxic, heady smells walking through department stores.

I had to leave my job and cleanse my body, change my diet and over some months, I got better, however, I couldn’t wear perfume after that. They made me nauseas and dizzy every time I tried to wear perfume again. I used to hate leaving the house for a date or night out and not having that confident feeling that fragrance gives you when you smell good and feel good and your confidence goes up.

I then could not find nice scented natural fragrances so, I decided to design my own natural range of soul enhancing, essential oil based, beneficial ‘Perfumes with Purpose’, to make a difference in the fragrance industry globally and to encourage women to stop using toxic, harmful products in our health and beauty regimes.

Being an avid user of essential oils for the medicinal benefits they bring to the mind, body and soul and being an astrologer who loves the science and psychology of Star Signs, I studied the strengths and weaknesses of each of the 12 star signs and the personality characteristics that makes us true to our sign and I specifically formulated a special blend of essential oils into the most stunning smelling perfumes that not only make you smell amazing but the blend of essential oils directly affects the balancing of your moods, emotions, enhances your wellbeing and raises your daily vibration when you wear them.

The Scent of them was very important to me to get them to smell beautiful as well as benefitting the body so after 46 formulation changes and 1 whole year in formulation with many changes to perfect them with my aromatherapists and biochemists, , I was happy to deliver the world’s first natural star sign mood enhancing perfumes featured in Tatler Magazine London, Elite Magazine NY and rated by YAHOO as a ‘Top Product to Buy’ just two weeks after launch.

They also make such a beautiful, personalised gift, that every woman loves, and the proof is in the numerous awards the brand has won already and most recently for the Australian Enterprise Award for the ‘Best Personal Cruelty Free Perfume Brand’,

We, invite and delight in you trying these beautiful natural perfumes for yourself and gifts to others and to encourage all the women you know and love out there in the world to make the switch from toxic perfumes and try natural to look after your health and beauty.

Be a voice of change for the goodness our hearts, minds and souls and help us spread the good word for natural alternatives to smelling and feeling amazing!

We want you to love yourself just as you are, feel confident, smell great naturally and bring out the best in your personality and star sign.

With Love and Light

Founder and Creator

Sasha deBretton