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100% Natural Perfumes
100% Essential Oils
100% Australian Made
100% Vegan
100% Cruelty Free
100% Alcohol Free
100% Paraben and Phthalate Free

What do they smell like… Curious?

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Your Personalized StarSign in a Perfume…


StarSign Scents are 100% natural fragrances specially blended with essential oils to match your personality ‘blueprint’. We’ve studied your personality type and matched your traits with the right mix of certified natural essential oils to balance your emotions and enhance your mood through the power of aromatherapy to give you better clarity, grounding, centering, vision, sleep, calming and lifting helping you to be the best version of yourself…

StarSign Scents Perfume Big

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Discover Your Personal Starsign Scent

Discover Your Fragrance of Pheramones

StarSign Scents Perfume Aquarius

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Constellation Female

StarSign Scents Perfume Aries

$149 now $99

Constellation Male

StarSign Scents Perfume Cancer

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Constellation DUO Set
You save $140

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Live Astrology Readings every Monday night with StarSign Scents on Instagram, Tune in to listen about Star Signs, Astrology what controls your emotions, love, and life where you will learn tips on how to understand your relationships better 6pm Perth Time 8 pm EST every Monday with Celebrity guests! Follow our Insta to find out who’s coming up this week @starsignscent

Amanda.m.micallef Commented: Thank you for your stunning words my darling an absolute pleasure tonight loved it as did the fansembarassed

Nadene72 Commented: @starsignscents Taurus and Gemini, I am a Perth girl also and now settled in Denmark. Thank you so much!! Great live session. So good in fact I jumped on your website and ordered a perfume each for my daughter and I loves supporting WA businessesembarassed

StarSign Scents Perfume Sagitarius

Mary Johnston

Do you think that $99 for a natural perfume is expensive? I know how you feel because I felt the same way! But what I found when I received this amazing perfume was a surprise that was totally unexpected…

StarSign Scents Perfume Sagitarius

Jess Van Bolsen

“I was naturally drawn to Star Sign scents due to my use and belief in the benefits of essential oils on the mind, body and spirit (e.g. scientific and clinically proven). Plus since having kids …

StarSign Scents Perfume Sagitarius


I’m an Aires & when I sprayed my StarSign perfume I was so blown away at how stunning it smelt, it felt like it was made for me and how I wanted to feel…spicy, sexy, saucy! Hahaha……

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Do You Know That The Moon Controls Your Emotions?

Honouring the moon reconnects you with earth’s rhythm’s and our own natural cycles.

When we are in sync with nature, its easier to listen to ourselves and find inner peace

which is critical to building a life that works better for us…

To enhance your mood and wellbeing, StarSign Scents perfumes are specially formulated to balance your emotions through the power of essential oils giving you better clarity, vision, grounding, centering, calming and uplifting, sleep and more…

Hot Tip *Not only can you try your personalized star sign perfume, you can also try your star sign perfume where you moon sign and what’s controlling your emotions.


To find out your MOON sign and what’s controlling your emotions click here

Discover Your Personal Chinese Starsign Scents

Watch this short video about the Founders Sasha & Georgia and some Influencers reviews

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