Our Story

Our Ethos…

We Love.. Love

Everyone wants to be in love… In relationships, in life, with Ourselves…

Our personal love is our most important journey….You must love yourself first before you can love others and be the best version of yourself and the world around you

We, at StarSign Scents, want to evoke confidence in you through our specially crafted 100% natural perfume that benefits your body and enhances your best traits…for the very reason of bringing out the best you, so that you can feel love and a live a life with a sense of purpose and passion

Our Story

StarSign Scents Perfume Founder

As a mother of a 19 year old daughter, with struggle’s in love, searching for the ultimate soulmate, looking for the dreams…

With business successes and failures, life’s ups and downs, I have a big passion in helping women look great, feel great, feel confident and get started in business.

I want to lead and mentor my daughter and show her and other women how to start a business and build confidence and courage.

Even when you get knocked down, when you fall out of or lose love, when you don’t feel your best self, there is always hope and love starts with yourself first. Once you love yourself, feel confident and strong, then you can love others…Enter your soulmate and or retain your soulmate through the journey of life.

Our business is designed and built on a mother and daughter following a dream to find love within our own selves, our partners and life. Anything can be achieved when you are in love with yourself, others and your passion. We want you to feel confident and strong and get to that happy place that is lasting and sustainable.

About Us

StarSign Scents Perfume Founder

Georgia & Sasha

As a 21 year old, I was working in the fragrance industry, spraying and selling fragrance for large global fragrance brands where the perfumes contained alcohol and chemicals. I became very ill with chronic fatigue like symptoms that knocked me off my feet every day at such a young age, I was flattened and very sick.

I did not know what was causing this illness and never suspected it was from my job spraying perfumes!

After many tests, the naturopaths found a chemical build up in my body. I was full of toxins and it was caused by the chemicals in the fragrances I was spraying.

I was forced to leave my job that I loved and cleanse my system I did and I got better, however, I couldn’t wear perfume for years…

I remember feeling upset to leave the house without the sense of confidence it gives you when you smell amazing from spraying a great fragrance that makes you feel sexy and people comment on.

It’s a confidence thing, when you smell great, you feel great…and people notice.

A new chapter… a new beginning… and this is how STARSIGN SCENTS was born…

We, my daughter, Georgia and I, Sasha, invite you into the world of women inspiring women in business and never giving up despite the challenges.

We want you to love yourself, feel confident, smell great and bring out the best in your star signs personality.

We have created unique fragrances made with a special blend of essential oils to enhance your mood and give you the confidence you deserve.

Be enraptured with this stunning fragrance designed personally for you… Designed for confidence… Designed for love…

StarSign Scents…

A unique fragrance cleverly crafted for a unique you…

Watch this short video about the Founders Sasha & Georgia and some Influencers reviews

Our business is built on a love and passion to create an amazing opportunity for ourselves and offer it to others who want the same opportunities…

We encourage passionate partners to come along with us for a great business journey. You too, can be successful in life and business and we can help you along the way (click here for affiliate partners)

Our Mother Daughter inspired business was brought about by the want in us to help other women join our team and build a life of love, happiness and success, the ultimate three things we all want. We have the recipe and we offer it to you…

Women helping women is what I believe in and I have a huge passion to help other women gain the tools and courage to make a life of their own. I have always stood on my own two feet, I have taught my daughter to stand on hers and I encourage you to do it too.

This business exists to give courage and inspiration to women to create a better life for themselves.

We can give you the product, the tools and the training to help you build your own perfume business within our business model, be it part or full time, you can earn while you learn and have fun at the same time.

We are setting up careers for women of all ages who don’t know how to start their own business, we do, so we help you do it too.

StarSign Scents vegan perfume

We operate with authenticity, integrity and honesty.


Life is a journey and at times, challenging. We all get knocked down, but the key is to get back up again and ‘have a go’.

We are ‘having a go’ as mother and daughter, business partners and best friends, and we are committed to deliver to you, Australian made perfumes and related products that match the star sign flowers to make you feel and smell amazing and help you reach for the stars.

Perfume creates a confidence and makes you feel good. We want every woman to feel and smell good because with confidence, you can achieve whatever you set out to achieve.

We help you, you help yourself and together we can help others. My favourite saying… ‘Shoot for the moon, if you miss… You will land amongst the stars!”

My Mission…
To bring out the best in who we are, encourage confidence and personal growth, support and empower each other, love and learn from each other organically, naturally and authentically.

We offer you the opportunity to be the best woman you can be and we want to inspire you, raise your confidence and courage so you can achieve your goals, dreams and ultimate freedom.

So, we are a mother and daughter business, building our dreams together as business partners and best friends. But I want to extend the friendship and build amazing business woman and affiliates.

Lets all grow together, and together, we can make this world a better place.

Love Sasha deBretton & Georgia deBretton-Gordon